Meet our 3 Simple Requirements and we'll tell you exactly what you qualify for based on the information you provide.

 At Discount Auto Company, we are here to make purchasing your vehicle as easy as possible. We have taken the Stress out of trying to be financed for a car. #1 We require that you have a valid Texas Drivers License or State Issued ID. #2 We require a valid form of proof of residence. For example: ( Utility Bill, Phone Bill, Cable Bill ) #3 We require a valid form of proof of income, this can be a paycheck stub, SSI, SSDI, Retirement, Bank Statement or Letter from Employer. That's It! If you meet those requirements Apply now it's fast and easy.

For those who prefer being financed through a bank, and your credit is not the greatest, or Bad, or you have no credit and would like to establish some credit. No Worries, we partnered with some of the leading financing institutions to make it happen.

Of course, if you need further help, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do everything we can to get you approved.